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5,000-year-old copper ax uncovered in Switzerland

A copper ax dating back 5,000 years has been found at the northern foot of the Alps. "It was a very efficient general-purpose ax, especially proper for woodworking," said Gishan Schaeren, an archaeologist with the Office for Monuments and Archaeology in the Swiss canton (or state) of Zug. But in addition

9,000-year-old axe sheds light on Irish burial practices

Analysis of an axe that dates back more than 9,000 years is shedding light on the ancient burial practices of the hunter-gatherers who lived in Ireland at the time. Archaeologists believe the highly-polished stone axe, known as an adze, was made especially for the funeral of a very important person, whose

The world’s oldest ax

Researchers from the University of Sydney believe that one tiny piece of worked stone is evidence of the world's oldest ax. Archaeologists have deduced that they were usually attached to a handle to form a tool much like a hatchet. Such implements are often associated with the development of agriculture but

Neolithic flint axes found in Denmark

Two Neolithic flint axes, the largest yet found, have been found in a drained bog near Tastum Lake. Archaeologists at nearby Viborg Museum theorise that the axes were placed in the bog as part of a ritual sacrifice sometime during the early Stone Age around 3800-3500 BC. “It’s fascinating that they could

3,000-year-old stone axes unearthed in Vietnam

Archaeologists working near the Ngu Hanh Son Mountains in Vietname have unearthed five stone axes. An archeological team from Viet Nam Archaeology Institute found five stone axes believed to come from the 3,000-year-old Sa Huynh Culture at a Khue Bac communal house garden in the central city. The communal house lies at

Hoard of bronze artifacts found in Poland

Archaeologists working in Poland have unearthed a hoard of bronze artifacts in the Bieszczady Mountains. "All the objects are made of bronze. The treasure contains a pickaxe, dozens of fragments of a spiral necklace and a bracelet of with recurving endings" - told PAP Piotr Kotowicz, an archaeologist at the Historical

Neolithic ax found in Denmark

A neolithic ax, complete with wooden handle, has been found on the Danish island of Lolland. The 5,500-year-old Neolithic axe was found during archaeological surveys ahead of a multi-billion euro tunnel project. The axe seems to have been jammed into what was once the seabed, perhaps as part of a ritual offering. The

Teutonic battle axes found in Poland

Three Teutonic battle axes that date back to the late Middle Ages have been found in a forest in Poland. Engineers stumbled upon the historic axes by chance, while searching the woods metal detectors. The weapons have been initially identified by an archaeologist as late-medieval Teutonic battle axes. Iron axes were close