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4,000-year-old bone ornaments found in southern India

A collection of 50 carved bone ornaments has been found in India. Shaped precisely like a rhombus with round holes in the middle and circular indentations, these are thought to have been used as jewellery. Samples of the artefacts are being analysed at the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology in

Cancer found in 700-year-old Panamanian remains

Evidence of bone cancer has been found in 700-year-old human remains found in Panama. On a shelf in Panama City, a human skeleton was bundled into a bag within a cardboard box for 46 years. Or part of a skeleton, anyway. The bones had been looked at once in 1991 and

3,000-year-old crocodile bones found in China

3,000-year-old crocodile bones have been found in Haojing, China, part of the capital of the Western Zhou Dynasty. A total of 12 bone lamellae of crocodile were discovered in the Ruins of Haojing, which was part of the capital of the Western Zhou Dynasty (1066-770 BCE), in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, according

Recovered bones may belong to Amelia Earhart

Bones recovered from the island of Nikumaroro in the Republic of Kiribati may belong to the pilot Amelia Earhart who disappeared in 1937. "Until we started investigating the skeleton, we found what history knew was that Amelia Earhart died in July 2nd, 1937, in a plane crash. But there is an

Cancer found in 1.7 million-year-old early human toe bone

The oldest known example of cancer, dating back 1.7 million years, has been found in a fossil of a toe bone from an early human ancestor. The discovery by British and South African scientists contradicts theories that cancer is a modern disease, predominantly caused by lifestyle factors. Up until now, the oldest

Ancient human arm bone found in Orkney

A human arm bone has been found during excavations of Neolithic buildings in Orkney. He said there were several theories as to who the arm belonged to which would be explored further. The Ness of Brodgar is a new archaeological discovery in Orkney located between the Ring of Brodgar and the Standing

Extinct bison remains found in Florida

The 13,000-year-old remains of an extinct species of bison have been found at the Old Vero Man site in Vero Beach, Florida. "It most certainly puts bison on the menu when we know people were here in Vero Beach at that time," said lead archaeologist Dr. Andrew Hemmings. "An 8-foot-tall bison

Ireland inhabited 2,500 years earlier than thought

A butchered brown bear bone is pushing back the date of habitation in Ireland to 12,500-years ago, 2,500 years earlier than previously thought. Radiocarbon dating of a butchered brown bear bone, which has been stored in a cardboard box at the National Museum of Ireland for almost 100 years, has established