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The hunt for the remains of 200 Revolutionary War soldiers

A civic group in Brooklyn is working closely with archaeologists to find the remains of 200 soldiers who died in the Revolutionary War near the Gowanus Canal. The grave concern is that development in and around the putrid canal, a Superfund site in the midst of a federal $500 million decade-long

More than 4,600 Civil War graves identified in New York

The final resting place of more than 4,600 Civil War fatalies have been identified in Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, New York. Today, the 478-acre expanse of greenery and statuary covering the cemetery's rolling hills is believed to be the final resting place of about 8,000 Civil War veterans. A team of volunteers

Egyptian mummy thought to be female is actually male

A CT scan of an Egyptian mummy, "Lady Hor", thought to be female for decades  has revealed she is actually a he. The mummy, discovered 70 years ago in Thebes, was believed to be a woman because the coffin lacked the beard ornamentation male mummies sport. The ancient twist on "The Crying