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Roman Horse skeleton found at Cambridge construction site

The intact skeleton of a horse who died 2,000 years ago has been found at the construction site for a new biomedical campus at Cambridge University. She added: "We find animal bones everywhere but finding a whole one intact is slightly more unusual but you do find them. A specific incident

Roman irrigation system found in England

Construction work at Cambridge University has led to the discovery of an early Roman irrigation system which dates back between 70-120 A.D. "Our findings have unearthed zebra-like stripes of Roman planting beds that are encircled on their higher northern side by more deep pit wells," Mr Evans said. "The gully-defined planting beds

Middle Bronze Age settlements unearthed in England

Archaeologists excavating ahead of a planned development near Cambridge, England, have unearthed evidence of Middle Bronze Age settlements in the area. In what is described as the largest single excavation undertaken in the city, experts have uncovered traces of field systems, enclosures and settlements dating back to the Middle Bronze Age

Four Anglo-Saxon graves found in England

Four graves have been found at an Anglo-Saxon settlement just outside of Cambridge, England. Forensic work on the first woman's bones suggests she was about 16, with no obvious explanation for her early death. Although she was almost certainly a Christian, buried with the beautiful cross stitched into place on her

Mass grave contains bodies of decapitated viking mercenaries Mass grave contains bodies of decapitated viking mercenaries

Researchers believe a mass grave found in Cambridge in 2009 contains the bodies of 54 decapitated viking mercenaries. Unlike the frenzied mob attack that took place at Oxford, all the men were murdered methodically and beheaded in an unusual fashion from the front. The Cambridge academic said she believed the skeletons belonged

The Roman “Swiss Army knife”

The Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge, England, is home to a Roman multi-tool, dating back to A.D. 201-300, which folds out to act as a fork, spatula, pick, spike and knife. Click on the image above for more pics. [Thx Paul!]

Cambridge to digitize rare books

Cambridge University plans to digitize and put online some rare books from their collection. The first collections to be digitised will be entitled The Foundations of Faith and The Foundations of Science. The goal for both is that they become ‘living libraries’ with the capacity to grow and evolve. The

The remains of an 11th century guard dog

An excavation at Cambridge University has unearthed Medieval, Anglo-Saxon, and Roman artifacts, including the remains of an 11th-century guard dog. "What it has shown is that a century and a half before the University arrived and 300 years before it started to build in this area, people were already living and