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3,000-year-old canal system unearthed in China

A 3,000-year-old system of canals and roads have been unearthed at Yinxu, the ancient capital of the Shang Dynansty in China's Henan Province. Archeologists have excavated an area of dozens of hectares in Yinxu, revealing ruins of the bustling ancient city with a two and half kilometer canal through its center. Tang

Arizona construction unearths Hohokam canal

An ancient canal built by the Hohokam people 1,500 years ago to irrigate their crops has been unearthed during Sky Train construction in Arizona. The network of canals belonged to the Hohokam people who settled in the area around A.D. 400 to 500. Knowledge of their existence is nothing new โ€”

Excavation planned for Native American canals

Archaeologists in Florida are hoping to excavate part of a 4,150-foot canoe canal built between 1200-1400 that once connected Napels Bay to the Gulf of Mexico. Before the arrival of Europeans in the early 16th century, Indians built a series of canals in South Florida, including a 2.5-mile canal that connects

Found: The biggest canal ever built by Romans

Archaeologists have found the bgigest canal ever built by Romans in an ancient port which was as important as Cathage of Alexandria. Scholars discovered the 100-yard-wide (90-metre-wide) canal at Portus, the ancient maritime port through which goods from all over the Empire were shipped to Rome for more than