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5,500-year-old fingerprint found on ceramic vessel

A ceramic vessel uncovered in Denmark still bears the 5,500-year old fingerprint of its maker. Danish archaeologists doing a survey ahead of the construction of the Femern Belt link scheme, an immersed tunnel that will connect the German island of Fehmarn with the Danish island of Lolland, have found a 5,500-year

Ancient painkiller found in Colorado rock shelter

Traces of salicyclic acid have been found on a 1,300-year-old ceramic sherd found in a rock shelter in Colorado. The ethnographic record is rich with accounts of native peoples throughout the West using the bark, leaves, and roots of willow trees as a topical painkiller and to reduce inflammation. Particularly among Puebloan

Decapitated warrior and pre-Hispanic kiln found in Mexico

A pre-Hispanic kiln used for ceramic production and the grave of a decapitated warrior dating back between 350-600 A.D. has been found during excavations in southern Mexico. “In this area we found a funerary cist with an individual accompanied by very expensive furnishings. His getup consisted of earflaps and a green

700-year-old shipwreck found off Vietnam coast

Thousands of coins and ceramics have been discovered in a 700-year-old shipwreck found off the coast of Vietnam. The ship, which measures 67 feet long and 18 feet wide, contained 13 cargo holds. Remnants gathered from holds 4 to 6 prove the ship caught fire before sinking, archaeologists said. "The hulk itself, which

Cheese-making dates back 7,500 years

An examination of ceramic fragments found in Poland has revealed traces of milk fats, suggesting that cheese was being made 7,500 years ago. Peter Bogucki, an archaeologist at Princeton University in New Jersey, was in the 1980s among the first to suspect that cheese-making might have been afoot in Europe as

Ice Age humans made lots of ceramic art

New discoveries in Croatia suggest that Ice Age humans made ceramic artworks much more regularly than previously thought. The most lifelike piece found at Vela Spila (the term is Croatian for big cave) is the tiny dark brown torso and foreleg of an animal, possibly a horse or deer, complete with

Thracian urn fragment unearthed in Bulgaria

Archaeologists in Bulgaria have unearthed part of an urn featuring a relief of a Thracian horseman. In his words, the relief dates back to the end of the 4th century BC and the start of the third century BC, the Hellenistic Age of Ancient Thrace. It is said to be an extremely

Ancient depictions of childbirth found on pottery fragment

Two ancient depictions of childbirth, the first of its kind ever found, have been discovered on a fragment of pottery in Italy. An archaeological excavation at Poggio Colla, the site of a 2,700-year-old Etruscan settlement in Italy’s Mugello Valley, has turned up a surprising and unique find: two images of a