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2,500-year-old chariot burials uncovered in England

The remains of an Iron Age chariot and two horses has been found at a cemetery site in East Yorkshire, England. They described the latest find as "highly unusual". Other finds include human skeletons, including a "young warrior", swords, spears and shields. Those working at the excavation site said current investigations were looking

Ancient toy chariot sheds light on real chariots

Close examination of a detailed toy chariot found in the Tiber River has revealed that actual chariots had an iron rim mounted on the right wheel of the two-wheeled chariot to improve the chariots chances of wining a race. Adding the strip of iron to the right wheel improved a charioteer's

Horses and chariots found in Chinese tomb complex

Archaeologists investigating a 2,800-year-old tomb complex in Central China have unearthed nearly 30 wooden chariots and 50 pairs of horses. All the tombs have been found on the same piece of land, with a separate "mass grave" of at least 28 wooden chariots buried together on their sides in a pit

Celtic chariot fittings found at Iron Age fort

Celtic chariot fittings dating back to the Iron Age have been found at a hillfort in Leicestershire. After cleaning, decorative patterns became visible in the metalwork – including a triskele motif showing three waving lines, similar to the flag of the Isle of Man. It is thought the chariot would have

Royal Chariot found in China

The remains of a 3,000-year-old bronze royal chariot have been excavated in northwest China. "It is 2.4 meters long and 1.8 meters wide, and the two wheels are 1.4 meters in diameter," Zhang said. The wheel rims were made from lengths of bronze 15 cm thick and 5 cm wide. The wooden

Gallic tomb containing chariot found in northern France

Road construction in northern France has uncovered a Gallic wood-lined tomb that contains a chariot. Starting on 3 June for a three week period, archaeologists and an anthropologist have been working to uncover this chariot tomb. This type of aristocratic tomb emerges in the 7th century B.C. – during the first

Ancient chariots found in Bronze Age burial

A Bronze Age burial chamber containing two oxen-pulled chariots has been found in south Caucasus. The burial site, which would've been intended for a chief, dates back over 4,000 years to a time archaeologists call the Early Bronze Age, said Zurab Makharadze, head of the Centre of Archaeology at the Georgian

Thracian chariot found in Serbia

A two-horse Thracian chariot dating back 3,000-4,000 years has been unearthed in Serbia. He said that this is backed by the fact that, at the location where the chariot was found, was also found a tumulus – a tomb. “Judging by the manner of burial, I guess that it was a member