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2,000-year-old terracotta toys found in Turkey

Toys and figurines have been found in 2,000-year-old tombs in Parion, Turkey. He noted that the toys were presented as "gifts for the dead" children and provide significant information about the sociocultural structure of the period. For instance, Kasao?lu highlighted that female figurines were found in tombs belonging to girls, while male

Ancient child’s rattle discovered in Siberia

A 4,000-year-old rattle has been unearthed at a Bronze Age settlement in Siberia. The remarkable discovery of one of the oldest toys in the world came from excavations at a Bronze Age settlement in modern-day Novosibrirsk region. Inside it - and it remains sealed - are little stones 'that make a jingling

Remains of Saxon child found at Hereford Cathedral

The remains of a Saxon child between the ages of 10-12 have been unearthed at Hereford Cathedral in England. "The child seems to have been a very poorly young person but was buried with dignity." The excavations also revealed a possible Saxon Palace built near the cathedral between 850 and 950AD. After the

Remains of sacrificed Thracian children found

The remains of three children believed to have been sacrificed by the Thracians in the 6th century B.C. have been found in southwest Bulgaria. The skeleton of a third child sacrificed by Ancient Thracians has been discovered by Bulgarian archaeologists in the same ritual pit at the prehistoric site near Bulgaria’s

Remains of Bronze Age children found in England

The remains of two children who were buried during the Bronze age have been uncovered in Buckinghamshire, England. The skeletons of two pre-pubescent children have been discovered by archaeologists during an “amazing” dig at the back of an antiques shop which has also revealed pottery suggesting their bones could come from

Children’s skulls found at edges of Bronze Age villages

The skulls of children have been found at the edges of Bronze Age villages built on stilts in Germany and Switzerland. The children's skulls were discovered encircling the perimeter of ancient villages around lakes in Switzerland and Germany. Some had suffered ax blows and other head traumas. Though the children probably weren't

Neanderthals were good parents

New research is challenging the traditional view that Neanderthal children had difficult and short lives. A research team from PALAEO (Centre for Human Palaeoecology and Evolutionary Origins) and the Department of Archaeology at York offer a new and distinctive perspective which suggests that Neanderthal children experienced strong emotional attachments with their