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Human tooth recovered from Civil War sub

A human tooth has been recovered from the H.L. Hunley, a Civil War submarine which sank in 1864. While most of the remains of the eight men who sailed on the sub's final Feb. 17, 1864, mission were removed and ceremonially buried at Magnolia Cemetery in 2004, a tooth was recently

Civil War cannonballs found in Pittsburgh

20 Civil War-era cannonballs have been uncovered during construction in Pittsburgh. The operator of the excavation machinery noticed what looked like a cannonball in his bucket of dirt, which led to discovering several cannonballs in the bucket, Toler said. “Lo and behold, there were a lot more in the hole,” she said. Authorities

Civil War trench found in Virginia

Traces of a Civil War trench have been uncovered during construction near the Rappahannock River in Virginia. Most of the trenches downtown were eventually filled in as people returned to rebuild their lives after the Civil War. But earlier this week, Dovetail Cultural Resource Group uncovered evidence of a previously unknown

Civil War-era cannonballs uncovered by Hurricane Matthew

16 Civil War-era cannonballs have been found on Folly Island in South Carolina, the day after Hurricane Matthew swept through the area. A pile of Civil War-era cannonballs was uncovered by Hurricane Matthew after it lashed South Carolina with strong waves and high winds over the weekend. But rather than preserve

Civil War gunship artifacts returned to Savannah River

More than 15,000 artifacts recovered from the wreckage of the confederate gunship CSS Georgia have been returned to the mud of the Savannah River. Leather boots, the hilts of swords — even a stray earring — were among the nearly 30,000 artifacts recovered this fall from the wreckage of the sunken

Cannon recovered from Civil War wreck

A 9,000-pound cannon has been recovered from the wreck of the CSS Georgia, which was scuttled in the Savannah River in 1864. As the mechanized stage of recovery began in earnest this week, marine archaeologists working on the CSS Georgia had just started to dig in for the long haul –

Civil War ironclad recovered by navy divers

Navy divers have recovered the wreckage of the CSS Georgia, which sunk in 1863. The ironclad served its purpose, but wouldn't have been candidate for the "Battle E" ribbon had it existed at the time. The vessel leaked badly, likely a result of using unseasoned wood in her construction. According to

Concretions to be removed from H.L. Hunley

The H.L. Hunley, a Civil War submarine, is set to undergo a procedure to remove concretions of sand and shell that have accumulated along the hull. The 76,000-gallon holding tank the Hunley rests in will be filled for the first time with a chemical solution designed to save the fragile iron