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Roman city of Allianoi buried under sand

The Roman city of Allianoi in Turkey has been buried under sand in anticipation of it being flooded by the building of a new dam. Though officials say covering the Roman-era spa settlement with sand is the only way to protect the ruins while they are submerged under the waters

Roman spa undergoes burial ahead of flooding

Workers in Turkey have been burying the ancient Roman bath complex of Allanoi in preparation for the site being flooded by a damn resevoir. The work now underway is an effort to preserve the complex for future generations, before officials allow water to accumulate in the reservoir for the Yorganli

Ancient city to be flooded by Turkish Dam

 Protesters are fervently trying to stop the construction of the Illisu Dam in Turkey as it will flood the ancient city of Hasankeyf. “This dam will not turn us into a developed country; it will turn us into an uncivilized and underbred community that does not know how to spend

Hydroelectric dam threatens pre-Columbian holy site

A hydroelectric dam is threatening to flood El Porvenir, an unexplored pre-Columbian holy site. The government plans to flood the valley in which El Porvenir lies to create a hydroelectric dam, wiping out the stones and leaving archaeologists unable to determine whether the site was built by a local

4,500-year-old city found on banks of Euphrates

A 4,500-year-old circular city has been found on the banks of the Euphrates. Archaeologists need to work quickly though, because the area is set to be flooded due to a dam project. The other is some 200 kilometres from these ruins, and it was thought that the circular plan was something