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Rare Roman sarcophagus damaged in Israel

Construction work in southern Israel has damaged a rare Roman sarcophagus found at the site. The 1,800-year-old stone coffin, which the IAA describes as one of the most important and beautiful ever discovered in the country, is sculpted on all sides, weighs two tons and is 2.5 meters (8 feet) long.

Evidence of illegal digs found at Hadrian’s Wall

Police are investigating illegal digs found at a centre section of Hadrian's Wall in Northumberland. The damage is understood to be caused by “nighthawking”; the illegal use of metal detectors by either unwitting amateurs bumbling through digs or unscrupulous thieves. It is thought that a rise in so-called heritage crime has been

Tourist heavily fined for defacing Colosseum

A Russian tourist has been slapped with a €20,000 fine after he was caught etching a letter into one of the ground-floor bricks of the historic Colosseum in Rome. This is the fifth tourist this year who has been caught damaging the ancient stadium. The man used a sharp stone to

4,000-year-old burial mounds destroyed by looters in Denmark

Police are investigating the damage done to four ancient burials sites in Denmark that date back 4,000 years. Lars Bjarke Christensen, an archaeologist from the Culture Ministry, is gutted over the theft and the loss of Danish history. ”It's a disaster. The grave robbers have ruined part of Denmark's history,” Christensen told

Irish Mesolithic site destroyed by construction

Road construction into a new housing development in norther island has lead to the destruction of a rare Mesolithic archaeological site. Local historian Peter Carr, who discovered the archaeological site in 1984, says it dates from the era of the first human settlement of Ireland, the early Mesolithic period 8,800-9,800 years

Nine Mile Canyon rock art defaced

A vandal has defaced an ancient rock art panel in Utah's Nine Mile Canyon with their initials. Someone etched their initials and the date next to the prehistoric image known as the "Pregnant Buffalo" on a rock panel in Nine Mile Canyon just minutes after it had been inspected by archaeologist

Looters dynamite ancient Turkish tomb

Looters in Turkey have blown up an ancient tomb found in the archaeological site of Olba. A 12,000-year-old tomb made of rock in the southern province of Mersin’s Silifke district has been blown up with dynamite by treasure hunters. The assistant head of Olba archaeological excavations, Murat Özy?ld?rm said during a visit

Vandals deface Nevada’s Hidden Cave

Vandals have damaged Hidden Cave in Nevada, performing illegal digs and spraying graffiti everywhere. Shots were even fired into the information booth. Current charges related to the vandalism of Hidden Cave include the Depredation of Government Property. The charge carries a fine and a prison sentence of up to 10 years. Crimes