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Infographic: A beginner’s guide to understanding a coat of arms

Reader Joe Shervall has created a visual guide to deciphering and understanding your family's coat of arms. It breaks down the elements that make up a coat of arms and explains the variations and differences associated with the different design choices.Thanks to Joe Shervall and!  

Did ancients German steal chair design from the Egyptians?

Folding chairs from Europe which date back 3,500 years are remarkably similar in design to folding chairs found in Egypt prompting researchers to look into this as a case of ancient industrial espionage. The fact that the design reached so far north led many scholars to posit that northern Europeans developed

Nazi graphic standards manual

Design Observer managed to get their hands on a fascinating standards manual for the use of Nazi graphics. The policing of all things Swastika was the responsibility of Dr. Robert Ley, the head of the German Labor Front (Deutsche Arbeitsfront, DAF) and the Strength Through Joy (Kraft durch Freude, KdF). Known

The evolution of the logo

Smashing Magazine has posted an interesting article which details the evolution of the logo. The history of logo design begins with the roots of human expression. In fact, the fundamental power of symbols remains most important element of logo design. A logo has meaning because it draws on centuries of

Ancient decorated pigments clue to origins of modern human behaviour

Designs etched into of 13 pieces of red ochre dating back 100,000 years may give a clue to the roots of modern human behaviour. Much debate surrounds the issue of when and where language, religion, symbolic decorations and other facets of modern human behavior originated. Researchers such as Henshilwood hypothesize that