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How to eat a Triceratops: Tear off the head

New research has revealed that Tyrannosaurs would tear the heads off of Triceratops to get to the tender neck meat. As Fowler and his colleagues examined the various types of bite mark on the skulls, they were intrigued by the extensive puncture and pull marks on the neck frills on some

Triceratops fossil uncovered in Alberta

The 65-million-year-old remains of a triceratops has been found in Alberta, Canada. The museum's curator of dinosaur palaeoecology François Therrien took a crew to the site to investigate. After 12 days, they uncovered a large "log jam" of bones of the herbivore, including vertebrae measuring 60 cm and ribs nearly two

Dinosaur bone unearthed at Native American site

A dinosaur bone has been unearthed in Maryland, and may have been heated up, along with other rocks, to help the Native Americans at the Pig Point site cook their food. “The Native Americans cooked in clay pots. But if you put a clay pot on the fire it would crack

Meteor that killed dinosaurs also wiped out ancient birds

New research is suggesting that many ancient birds were wiped out by the same meteor that ultimately killed off the dinosaurs. According to the researchers, nearly all the modern bird groups, from owls to penguins and so on, began to emerge within 15 million years after all the dinosaurs went extinct. These

The world’s largest “sea monster” skull

A 7.9-foot-long pliosaur skull, which packs the world's biggest bite, has been put on display at the Dorset County Museum in England. When alive about 155 million years ago, the seagoing creature would have had a strong enough bite to snap a car in half, according to the museum. Amateur collector Kevan

Some dinosaurs hunted at night

By studying the eyes of nocturnal birds and reptiles, and comparing them with similar parts in dinosaur fossils, researchers have found that some dinosaurs hunted at night. The results suggests that small, meat-eating dinosaurs were nocturnal; large, plant-eating dinosaurs tended to forage both during the day and at night. The Science study

How did dinosaurs have sex?

Slate's Explainer answers the question we have all been did dinosaurs have sex? From behind, probably. Paleontologists know very little about how dinosaurs mated, because soft tissue rarely appears in fossils. (They figured out how to determine dinosaur gender only a few years ago: Females had a special calcium reservoir

Feathered dinosaurs were probably plagued with lice

A new study is proposing that feathered dinosaurs were probably covered with lice and may have spent a good deal of time nibbling them off during pruning. “Our analysis suggests that both bird and mammal lice began to diversify before the mass extinction of dinosaurs," principal investigator Kevin Johnson was quoted