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Revolutionary War relics found in Delaware River

Relics from the Revolutionary War have been dredged up from the bottom of the Delaware River. Less than 24 hours after the crew finished shipping-channel maintenance near Fort Mifflin in South Philadelphia, Van Florcke glanced up at the dredge's nine-foot-wide drag head and spotted something lodged in its grate. "I was talking

Archaeologists to survey Fort Edward

After removing part of the historic Fort Edward in a Hudson River dredging accident, archaeologists are preparing to survey the area to understand more about the damage caused. The timbers were located in an area near the shore and Rogers Island and dredging in that area has been postponed. Work will

Dredging in Hudson River uncovers wooden boat

Dredging in the Hudson river in New York has uncovered a wooden sail boat dating back to the early 1800s. "This part of the area is very rich in archeological and historical artifacts dating from the French and Indian War and the commerce that occurred here during much of the 19th