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Bulgarian drought reveals 7,000-year-old wall

A 7,000-year-old defensive wall has been revealed during drought in Bulgaria. The dry spell blanketing Bulgaria for the past two months has resulted in an unexpected archaeological discovery, with the remains of a 7000-year-old defensive wall emerging from the waters of the Ticha accumulation lake near the town of Shoumen in

Drought responsible for collapse of Late Bronze Age civilizations?

Drought is being looked at as a possible trigger for why so many Late Bronze Age civilizations vanished. Analyzing ancient pollen grains from Cyprus, researchers concluded that a massive drought hit the region about 3,200 years ago. Ancient writings have described crop failures, famines and invasions about the same time, suggesting

Welsh drought reveals ancient sites

A drought in Wales has allowed archaeologists to identify dozens of previously unknown sites via aerial survey. The major Roman fort complex was spotted on parched grassland near Brecon, Powys, and the marching camp near Caerwent in Monmouthshire. Aerial archaeologist Toby Driver said he could not believe his eyes when he spotted

Using Mummy teeth to understand climate change

Researchers are studying the teeth of ancient Egyptian mummies to identify periods of drought.The climate data comes from the teeth of Egyptian mummies from various dynasties at the Musée des Confluences de Lyon in France. Led by graduate student Alexandra Touzeau,the researchers drilled small amounts of enamel off some of

Drought may be responsible for demise of Sumerian language

A 200-year-long drought which occurred 4,200 years ago may be directly responsible for killing off the Sumerian language. "As we go into the 4,200-year-ago climate anomaly, we actually see that estimated rainfall decreases substantially in this region and the number of sites that are populated at this time period reduce substantially,"

Turkish drought reveals 1,600-year-old city

A 1,600-year-old harbor town called Bathonea has been revealed after drought lowered the water level in Lake Kucukcekmece in Turkey. The find is Bathonea, a substantial harbor town dating from the second century B.C. Discovered in 2007 after a drought lowered the lake’s water table, it has been yielding a trove

Demise of Ancient City of Angkor attributed to drought

A study of sediments found in a resevoir in the ancient city of Angkor has revealed a significant drop in water levels at the same the Khmer Empire collapsed. As both water levels and sediment deposits ebbed, the ecology of the baray changed as well, with more bottom-dwelling algae and floating

Texas drought reveals shipwrecks

A severe drought in Texas is revealing the bones of sunken ships as the water level drops. “It's kind of both an opportunity and a misfortune,” Mercado-Allinger said of receding levels on lakes and rivers. “It does give us an opportunity to view these resources, but we don't have the (financial)