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2,000-year-old drum found in Vietnam

A bronze Dong Son drum, dating back 2,000 years, has been uncovered at a road construction site in northern Vietnam. The latest drum was found in Pac Nam District. It is about 39cm in height with a fairly intact tympan (upper part). The tympan is 66.5cm in diameter, emblazoned with a

Ancient bronze drum found in Vietnam

An ancient drum which dates back 2,000-3,000 years has been unearthed by a farmer in Vietnam. An ancient bronze drum was recently unearthed by Trinh Van Trung, a farmer working the land near Ru Than Mountain in Thanh Hoa Province's Vinh Loc District. Circles consisting of 12-pointed stars and drawings of people

The world’s most important 6-sec drum loop

I've watched this short documentary a few times in the last couple years, and thought I would share it with you to highlight an important piece of musical history. This fascinating, brilliant 20-minute video narrates the history of the "Amen Break," a six-second drum sample from the b-side of a chart-topping