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Slave tunnel found under Hadrian’s villa

A large slave tunnel has been found underneath Emperor Hadrian's 2nd-century villa in Tivoli, Italy. The newly-found tunnel was large enough to have taken carts and wagons, which would have ferried food, fire wood and other goods from one part of the sprawling palace to another. The villa, at Tivoli, about 20

Roman emperor’s estate aligned to the sun

New research has shown that some of the buildings erected on the country estate of the Roman emperor Hadrian were aligned with the sun to produce spectacular light effects. For centuries, scholars have thought that the more than 30 buildings at Hadrian's palatial country estate were oriented more or less randomly.

Lost Roman law code discovered in London

Part of an ancient Roman Law code, thought to be lost forever, has been discovered after reasearchers pieced together 17 fragments of previously incomprehensible parchment. Corcoran and Salway found that the text belonged to the Codex Gregorianus, or Gregorian Code, a collection of laws by emperors from Hadrian (AD 117-138) to

Ancient 2nd century auditorium found in Rome

Archaeologists in Rome have discovered an ancient auditorium dating back to the 2nd century A.D. Archaeologists on Wednesday unveiled the remains of an ancient auditorium where scholars, politicians and poets held debates and lectures, a site discovered during excavations of a bustling downtown piazza in preparation for a new subway line. The