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Medieval kiln unearthed in England

A rare medieval pottery kiln has been found in southeastern England. The kiln would have been stoked by wood from nearby trees to produce water pots, for example. Mr Crummy said while about 40 Roman kilns had been found around Colchester this one, which is well preserved, is a rare find in

Remains of pilgrim found at Medieval leprosy hospital

The remains of a Christian pilgrim have been found at the medieval cemetery at St. Mary Magdalen leprosarium in Winchester, England. The pilgrim's burial was excavated as part of a larger, eight-year-long archaeological project focusing on the leprosarium of St Mary Magdalen. Over 100 individual burials were discovered at this site,

25 medieval skeletons found at the University of Cambridge

More than 25 skeletons have been found on the grounds of the University of Cambridge in an area that used to be home to an Augustinian friary found in 1290. He said: "The bones are really perfectly preserved apart from where early 20th Century foundations have chopped through them so in

Roman town houses uncovered in English city park

The foundations of three Roman buildings have been found in a city park in England through the use of ground-penetrating radar. Scans showing two large town houses the size of Chichester’s Pallant House Gallery – most likely lived in by members of the aristocracy – and a third building, of great

17th-century shopping list found at English country house

A shopping list from the 17th century has been found under the floorboards of a historic country house in England. The shopping list, written by Robert Draper in 1633, asks a Mr Bilby to provide a fire shovel as well as "some greenfish", or in other words cod, before it has

Flat stone found in mouth of Roman-era skeleton

Researchers have found the Roman-era remains of a man who had been buried face down with a flat stone in his mouth at a cemetery in England. The burial site, at Stanwick near the river Nene, dates from the third or fourth century, when people would have lived in small farming

Anglo-Saxon village unearthed in Cambridge

An Anglo-Saxon settlement has been discovered during construction in Cambridge, England. Duncan Hawkins, Head of Archaeology and Build Heritage for CgMs, said: “Evidence of the time period 5th to 7th century AD is almost non-existent so this gives us a highly important window into understanding how people lived in that era,

13,000 Victorian food containers found in cistern

Thousands of bottles, jars and pots have been found in a Victorian-era cistern in London. The Museum of London Archaeology (MOLA) found more than 13,000 pots in an old vault at the site of the new Elizabeth line station in Tottenham Court Road. The space beneath the old Astoria nightclub had been