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Pictish cross slab recovered from eroding cliff in Orkney

An 8th-century Pictish cross slab revealed by cliff erosion in Orkney has been recovered. Erosion by the stormy sea surrounding Orkney is always seen as a tangible threat to coastal archaeological sites. This situation is brought home especially during the winter months when high tides and powerful winds combine to batter the

Erosion exposes human remains on Marshall Islands

Coastal erosion has exposed human remains on the Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands. Human bones exposed when an extra-high tide in spring this year washed large amounts of sand from an atoll in the Republic of the Marshall Islands in the Pacific Ocean may belong to Japanese soldiers killed during

Erosion threatens Alaskan sites

Coastal erosion in Alaska has damaged archaeological sites in the Western Arctic National Parklands. "These sites are important because they tell the story of people who lived and adapted from up to 5,500 years ago to the present and continue to add to the record," Holt said from Kotzebue last week. Now

130 Canadian archaeological sites threatened by erosion

130 archaeological sites in Newfoundland and Labrador are in danger due to coastal erosion. About 20 to 30 centimetres of the shore has disappeared in the last few years, and the erosion has archeologist Laurie McLean concerned. "By the time I get back here next year, this is not going to be

Scilly island residents called upon to record threatened sites

Residents of the island of Scilly, located off the southern coast of England, are being asked to record the locations of archaeological sites in danger of eroding into the sea. The areas that will be surveyed here include the bronze-age remains jutting out of the cliff at Halangy on St Mary’s

Erosion threatens Samuel de Champlain settlement

High levels of erosion are threatening Samuel de Champlain's 1604 settlement on St. Croix Island. It’s the first time the water around the site has been examined. The research team from Submerged Resources Center of the United States National Park Services is focused on a small cove on the Canadian side

The race to research a disappearing Roman villa

Researchers and volunteers are racing to study a Roman villa in England before it disappears over the side of an eroding cliff. Dr Andrew Richardson from the Canterbury Archaeological Trust, which has been excavating the site, said the villa on Folkestone's West Cliff is continuing to erode over the edge and