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Ancient imperial sacrificial site excavated in China

A sacrificial site used by emperors during the Qin and Wstern Han dynastics (221 B.C. - 24 A.D.) has been excavatd in Fengxiang, China. The ancient sacrificial site, named Yongshan Blood Pool, is located in Fengxiang, about 15 kilometers southeast of the Yongcheng ruins, which is believed to have been the

Excavations begin at the Alamo

Excavations are underway at the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas, to find the original south and western adobe walls. With a surgeon’s precision, engineers are digging around what is believed to be the outer boundaries of the Alamo to gather missing pieces of its history. Nesta Anderson is the lead investigator

1,600-year-old shaft tomb excavated in Mexico

A shaft tomb dating back 1,600 years has been excavated in southern Zacatecas, Mexico. An interesting aspect about it was that most of the skeletons were displayed in an extended manner, expect for a character placed in fetal position. This evidently signals there were at least two moments of activity in

Founding of Rome pushed back 200 years

The discovery of a wall that dates back to 900 B.C. is pushing back the found of Rome by 200 years. Using the latest technology, archeologists in Italy uncovered pieces of the wall made from tufa – a type of limestone – along with fragments of ceramics and grains, during excavation

17th-century home uncovered in Virginia

The 17th-century home of Rev. Francis Makemie has been unearthed by students in Virginia. Makemie, known as the Father of American Presbyterianism, founded a number of Presbyterian churches on the Delmarva Peninsula. He died at his home in 1708 and was buried on the property that now is the park. Among items found

Illegal excavation damages Egyptian buildings

Several cracks have appeared in six buildings in Alexandria, Egypt, due to an illegal excavation in the vicinity. Six buildings sustained damage early Thursday morning in Alexandria's Karmouz neighbourhood, possibly due to unauthorised excavations under an adjacent building. No casualties have so far been reported. Police have arrested one suspect, Ahmed Hassan

Foreign archaeologists return to Iraq

The Iraqi Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities has granted permission to six teams of foreign archaeologists to start excavations in their country. "As part of its work programme for the current year, the ministry has reached agreements with six archaeological teams from Italy, the United Kingdom and the Czech Republic," Hakim

Archaeologists get set to dig again at Troy

Archaeologists are planning a new excavation at the ancient city of Troy. "Our goal is to add a new layer of information to what we already know about Troy," said William Aylward, a classics professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, who will lead the expedition. "The archaeological record is rich. If