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Humans blamed for extinction of megafauna

A new study has concluded that the arrival of humans is to blame for the extinction of mammoths, mastodons and giant sloths. A new global look at the extinctions of large mammals over the past 130,000 years finds that the loss of species correlates more closely with the arrival of humans

Our perception of flying reptlies is wrong

A new study has revealed that our common perception of how flying reptiles, such as pterosaurs, flew has been wrong all this time. The new research suggested that estimates of pterosaur wing size and shape have been wrong, and that, mechanically, the wings would have had to be crescent-shaped and angled

Meteor that killed dinosaurs also wiped out ancient birds

New research is suggesting that many ancient birds were wiped out by the same meteor that ultimately killed off the dinosaurs. According to the researchers, nearly all the modern bird groups, from owls to penguins and so on, began to emerge within 15 million years after all the dinosaurs went extinct. These

Crocodiles ancestor found in Colombian coal mine

The 60-million-year old fossilized remains of a crodocile ancestor has been uncovered in the same Columbian mine as the world's largest snake. The findings, outlined in the journal Paleontology, suggest that members of these two predatory species might have fought to the death 60 million years ago. Titanoboa measured an incredible

The world’s largest “sea monster” skull

A 7.9-foot-long pliosaur skull, which packs the world's biggest bite, has been put on display at the Dorset County Museum in England. When alive about 155 million years ago, the seagoing creature would have had a strong enough bite to snap a car in half, according to the museum. Amateur collector Kevan

Woolly mammoths interbred with other mammoths

A new study has revealed that woolly mammoths cavorted with Columbian mammoths, breeding hybrids of the two. “Living African elephant species hybridize where their ranges overlap, with the bigger species out-competing the smaller for mates. This results in mitochondrial genomes from the smaller species showing up in populations of the larger.

Giant shrimp was once largest sea monster

LiveScience has posted an interesting article about anomalocaridids, giant shrimp-like creatures which, for a few million years, were once the largest predators in the ocean. Fossils suggested these ancient marine predators grew to about 2 feet (0.6 meters) long. Prior studies also suggested they died out at the end of the

Arrival of humans wiped out Hawaiian crabs

The arrival of the first Polynesian settlers to the islands of Hawaii wiped out native land crabs about 1,000 years ago. Early settlers brought animals such as pigs and rats - wiping the crabs out. The researchers describe this as the first documented extinction of a crab in the human era. "They'd already