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Ninth century fishing trap found in southern England

A 500-foot-long timber fishing trap which dates back to the 8th or 9th centuries has been found in southern England. A timber fishing trap exposed on the Hampshire coast dates back to Saxon times, it has been confirmed. The weir, built as a permanent wooden structure to catch fish as the tide

Ottoman-era fisherman’s house discovered in Israel

An Ottoman-era fisherman's house and lookout tower have been found in Israel. In an unprecedented discovery, archeologists from the Antiquities Authority recently unearthed an Ottoman-era fisherman’s house off the coast of Ashkelon, marking the first time a structure found in the area is definitively associated with the fishing industry. According to the

23,000-year-old fish hooks found in Okinawa

23,000-year-old fish hooks made from the shells of sea snails have been found on the Japanese island of Okinawa. They could almost pass for a pair of ancient earrings. But instead, researchers have discovered the world's oldest fish hooks. And it's led them to suggest that maritime technology developed in Asia-Pacific much

Medieval fishing trap found in Poland

A large medieval wicker fish trap has been found in Poland. The trap is preserved in good condition. Inside it were the remains of caught fish - according to preliminary calculations, there were more than 4,000. Originally, the fish-pot resembled a narrow, oblong, pointed basket with length of approx. 1.6 m.

Neolithic fishing spear found during tunnel construction

A neolithic fishing spear, complete with center bone point, was found during construction of a tunnel in Denmark. "It was found obliquely embedded in the seafloor and must have been lost during fishing at some point in the Neolithic," Line Marie Olesen, archaeologist at the Museum Lolland-Falster, told Discovery News. "The finding

Fisherman net Bronze Age figurine

A man fishing with a net in a river near Tisul, Russia dragged in a Bronze Age figurine. 'Me and a friend were walking on the river bank with nets, when suddenly it got stuck with something,' he said. 'I found the object, freed the net and was about to throw

The oldest fishhooks in Europe

Archaeologists have found Europe's oldest known fishhooks in a German field. The hooks, carved from reindeer or elk bones, date back 12,300 years, however there was one hook carved from a mammoth tusk that dates back 19,000 years! Sommer and his colleagues unearthed several Paleolithic finds during a routine environmental assessment

Ancient fish trap found in Australian creek

Archaeologists believe a series of rocks placed in a creek near Esperance, Western Australia, may be an ancient fish trap. Archaeologist David Guilfoyle said the rock structure harnessed the natural tidal cycles of the estuary by trapping fish as they moved in and out with the tides. "It is difficult to determine