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Rock art damaged by floods in China

Flooding in China has damaged some of the thousands of prehistoric rock carvings on the cliffs of Helan Mountain. Some of the paintings have been damaged by mud and silt while others have peeled off or cracked due to the rain. The paintings carved on individual rocks were more seriously damaged

3,000-year-old bridge washes away due to flooding in England

A 3,000-year-old stone bridge known at the Tarr Steps in Somerset, England, has washed away due to heavy flooding. The River Barle in Somerset swelled so much that it destroyed the ‘Tarr Steps’ – a Grade I listed ancient monument formed of massive stones weighing up to two tons apiece. The

Tsunamis flooded medieval Geneva, Switzerland

New findings have revealed that nearly 1,500 years ago a tsunami cause massive flooding in Geneva, Switzerland. The team analyzed a massive sediment deposit at the bottom of the lake's easternmost corner and determined that the material had once sat above the lake and had slid all at once into the

Flooding in Senegal reveals ancient artifacts

Ancient jewellery, pottery and iron tools have been uncovered at a construction site by recent flooding in Dakar, Senegal. Mr Deme said he hoped the construction site where the discovery was made could be secured, as he wants to carry out more excavations. "Someone is building a house on the site because

Flooding in Thailand damages historic books

German book conservation experts are assisting Thai librarians and monks after flooding in the country damaged historic books in many of their libraries. 'When the books don't dry flat, wet them again, and flatten them out,' Moczarski says through her mask, and shocks her listeners by pouring water over an old

Vietnamese UNESCO World Heritage site flooded

A section of wall protecting the Thang Long Royal Citadel in Vietnam has collapsed, flooding the UNESCO World Heritage site. Mud water has overflowed from the National Assembly House project to the relic. The Institute for Archaeology said that the landmark of the relic has been broken. The National Assembly House project

Peru’s Nazca lines spared from floods

The famous Nazca lines in Peru have been spared by flooding in the region. Archaeologist explained that this situation is the result of rainfall that occurs in the highlands of the province of Nazca at this time of the year. [tweetmeme][Full story]Story: Living In Peru | Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Roman city of Allianoi buried under sand

The Roman city of Allianoi in Turkey has been buried under sand in anticipation of it being flooded by the building of a new dam. Though officials say covering the Roman-era spa settlement with sand is the only way to protect the ruins while they are submerged under the waters