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Copper Age wine found in Italy

Traces of wine have been found in a 5,000-year-old jar found in Sicily. A team of scientists chemically analyzed residue on an ancient piece of pottery from Italy, a large storage jar that was used during the Copper Age in the early 4th millennium BCE, according to the University of South

106-year-old edible fruitcake found in Antarctica

A 106-year-old fruitcake belonging to famed explorer Robert Falcon Scott has been found in Antarctica. Although the tin was rusted, the team said the cake was in "excellent condition" and smelled edible. The New Zealand-based trust found it in Antarctica's oldest building, a hut built by Norwegian explorer Carsten Borchgrevink's team in

Vikings freeze-dried cod for long journeys

Analysis of ancient cod samples has shown that the Vikings would freeze-dry to fish to transport them on their long journeys. By comparing the ancient DNA with genetic material taken from around 170 modern cod tissues, Star and his colleagues confirmed that four cod samples from Haithabu originated in the north-east

Byzantine-era wine press found in Israel

A 1,600-year-old wine press has been found in the southern Negev desert. According to the archaeologist of the southern Negev region Yoram Chaimi, the discovery of the wine press came as a complete surprise. “In the entire southern Negev region, there is only one other wine press that is included inside

A history of citrus

Live Science has posted an interesting article about the history of citrus. Lemons were the acai bowls of the ancient Romans — prized by the privileged because they were rare, and treasured for their healing powers. In fact, this coveted fruit, as well as the citron, were the only citrus fruits

10,000-year-old rice found in China

Rice phytoliths from the lower reaches of the Yangtze River have been dated back nearly 10,000 years. Remarkably, archaeologists have now unearthed bits of this rice at a site called Shangshan. The grains, of course, were eaten long ago and the plant stalks have long been rotten, but one tiny part

26th-century roasted turnip found in Siberia

An excavation of a house in southwestern Siberia has led to the discovery of a 16th-century roasted turnip. The turnip, pictured here, was ready for cooking in a large clay pot when the log house caught fire and was quickly destroyed in flames, say archeologists. Yet the meal was preserved, and nearby

Traces of cooked plants found in ancient pottery

Traces of cooked wild grains, grasses and leafy plants have been found in 10,000-year-old pottery fragments. The pots predate plant domestication and agriculture in the area by at least 4,000 years. "The finding of extensive plant wax and oil residues in early prehistoric pottery provides us with an entirely different picture of