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Ancient plesiosaur taken down by gang of prehistoric sharks

According to fossil evidence, a gang of 7 or more sharks took down a plesiosaur 85 million years ago. After reading the report, Shimada wanted to take a closer look at the types of shark teeth. Based on his findings, he estimates that at least seven sharks of different ages attacked

Tyrannosaurus Rex’s miniature ancestor

Paleontologists have discovered a new dinosaur, the Raptorex kriegsteini, which looks exactly like a miniature Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton. But this scaled-down version, which was about nine feet long and weighed only 150 pounds, lived 125 million years ago, about 35 million years before giant Tyrannosaurs roamed the earth. So the discovery

Ink extracted from 150 million years old squid fossil

This just blows my mind: Palaeontologists have found a Jurassic-era squid fossil that is so well preserved they were able to extract ink from it. The fossil, thought to be 150 million years old, was found when a rock was cracked open, revealing the one-inch-long black ink sac. A picture of the

Amber preserves microscopic organisms in ancient termite’s gut

The fossil of a termite trapped in amber is the earliest example of mutualism between an animal and the microbes in its gut. One hundred million years ago a termite was wounded and its abdomen split open. The resin of a pine tree slowly enveloped its body and the contents of