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Chinese fossils may be new species of human

Fossils found in China may be a previously unknown species of human. Surprisingly, the fossils are only between 11,500 and 14,500 years old. That means they would have shared the landscape with modern humans when China's earliest farmers were first appearing. "These new fossils might be of a previously unknown species, one

Fossils of world’s first animals found in Namibia

Scientists say that the sponge-like fossils recently uncovered in Namibia are the world's first animals, a discovery which pushes back the emergence of life by millions of years. The tiny vase-shaped creatures' fossils were found in Namibia's Etosha National Park and other sites around the country in rocks between 760 and

Lost Darwin fossils found in forgotten cabinet

A treasure trove of fossils collected by Charles Darwin on the HMS Beagle have been found in a forgotten cabinet by a British researcher. The slides — "stunning works of art," according to Falcon-Lang — contain bits of fossil wood and plants ground into thin sheets and affixed to glass in

Tasmanian fossils identified for first time

The fossilized remains of a tusked, wombat-like creature found in Tasmania have been identified for the first time as a dicynodont. The dicynodont, similar to a mammal, lived about 250 million years ago, predating dinosaurs. The University of Tasmania unveiled the fossils and images yesterday for the first time, five years after

Giant shrimp with ultra-vision was first top predator

A fossil of an Anomalocaris (which means "strange shrimp") has been found with exceptionally well-preserved eyes. [Thx Catherine!] The eyes were on stalks on the strange shrimp's head, and each was 2 to 3 centimetres across – about the size of an olive. They were covered with lenses, each 70 to 110

Fossil trove found in Alberta oil sands

A treasure trove of fossils have been found in the oil sands of Alberta. Last week, Maggy Horvath, a heavy equipment operator at Syncrude, unearthed a nearly complete plesiosaur fossil during her shift. It's the 10th fossil discovered on leases held by the oil giant. Scientist say it's one of the bigger

Welsh mudstones reveal prehistoric ecosytem

Geologists working in Wales have discovered extremely well-preserved organisms in the Llanfawr Mudstones. More than 20 species have turned up so far, and it's almost certain that many more remain to be uncovered. The fossils include sponges, priapulid worms and arthropods, and shed new light on how living things colonised the deep