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Embalmed head of France’s King Henri IV found

The head of King Henri IV of France, who was assassinated in 1610, has been found. The head was lost after revolutionaries ransacked the royal chapel at Saint Denis, near Paris, in 1793.A head, presumed to be that of Henri IV, has passed between private collectors since then.A team of

Wreck of 18th century privateer found off English coast

The remains of an 18th century French frigate has been found 60 miles off the coast of Devon, England. It is believed to be the first privateer found off the UK, a type of ship authorised to seize enemy cargo. The material goes into Odyssey's own collection and will be

How the English saw the French in the 12th Century

A newly translated 12th century poem reveals that the English thought the French were lazy, arrogant cowards. Written between 1180 and 1194, a century after the Norman Conquest united England and Normandy against a common enemy in France, the 396-line poem was part of a propaganda war between London and Paris. Poet

Treasure hunters seek Lake Superior wrecks

Shipwreck hunters are searching for two French warships which vanished in the Great Lake in 1918. Ninety years after their disappearance in a Lake Superior blizzard, shipwreck hunters are trying to find two French warships that vanished without a trace, taking two Canadian Great Lakes captains and 78 French sailors with