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Thirty Years War mass grave excavated in Germany

47 skeletons of soldiers killed during the Battle of Lützen in 1632 have been analyzed during excavation of a mass grave in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. According to their results, published in the journal PLOS ONE on May 22, most of the men were already in rough shape when they headed into their

Heidelberg Castle digitally reconstructed

Heidelberg Castle in Germany has been digitally reconstructed using photographs, drawings and surveys of the ruins. Germany's Heidelberg Castle has been digitally reconstructed to show what it would have looked like before it was destroyed by lightning, war and fire – and it very much resembles the setting of 2014 movie

Copper artifacts found in northern Germany

Construction work in northern Germany has unearthed a variety of ancient copper artifacts. A group of ancient copper items found at a construction site in June, including three pieces of jewelry and an ax, has turned out to be possibly of "national significance," the northern German city of Osnabrück said on

108-year-old message-in-a-bottle washes up in Germany

A 108-year-old message in a bottle thrown into the North Sea by George Parker Bidder has turned up on a German beach. The German woman who found it has been given the reward promised in 1908, by the scientific institution which has inherited the debt of honour: a shilling. The bottle was

Partial saber-toothed cat remains found near wooden spears

The partial remains of saber-toothed cats have been discovered in the same layer as eight wooden spears with sharpened points in Germany's Schöningen mine. Limited signs of wear on teeth from one saber-toothed cat, found about 100 meters from the spear excavation, indicate that the creature was relatively young. Pits, scrapes

Remains of Napeoleon’s troops unearthed in Germany

The remains of 200 of Napoleon's soldiers who died in 1813 have been unearthed during a construction project in Frankfurt. “We estimate that about 200 people were buried here,” Olaf Cunitz, the city’s head of town planning, said on Thursday, talking at the site in Frankfurt’s western Rödelheim district. He said

Roman village found in Germany

Archaeologists in Germany are excavating the remains of a Roman village found in Gernsheim. During their first Gernsheim dig last year, Frankfurt University archaeologists suspected that a small Roman settlement must have also existed here in the Hessian Ried. Now they have discovered clear relics of a Roman village, built in

Mammoth ivory figurine fragments found in cave

Two fragments of a female figurine carved out of mammoth ivory have been found in a cave in Germany. The female depictions from Hohle Fels date to 40,000 years ago are the oldest depictions of humans thus far recovered. While the new find is modest compared to the “Venus of Hohle