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Viking axe actually 18th century woodworking tool

Remember that Viking axe I posted about last week? Turns out it was just an 18th century woodworking tool. Archaeologist Kurt Adams, from Bristol Museum and Art Gallery, said he went to see the find at Stroud Museum on Thursday. He said: "It's definitely an 18th or 19th Century woodworking tool -

Battle-worn Viking axe head found in England

A Viking axe head found in Gloucestershire may be evidence of a bloody battle fought 1,100 years ago. According to historians King Alfred the Great fought the Vikings in a bloody battle at Minchinhampton, about 10 miles from Slimbridge, in 894 AD. Three Viking princes were killed in the battle, and fighting

100,000-year-old hand axe found in Glourcestershire

A Stone Age hand axe has been uncovered in Gloucestershire, England. Archaeologists uncovered the finely-worked stone tool, which may be about 100,000 years old, on a housing development in Moreton-in-Marsh. They said they believed it may have been used by cavemen on the shores of a lake that spanned across the Midlands. The

Anglo-Saxon settlement found in Gloucestershire

An Anglo-Saxon settlement which dates between the 6th and 8th centuries has been found in Gloucestershire, England. Steve Sheldon, of Cotswold Archaeology, said it was previously thought the area did not succumb to Saxon control during that period. He said the settlement was one of the best finds of his