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5th-century gold artifacts found in Swedish ring fort

Gold rings and a coin have been found at a 5th-century ring fort in southeastern Sweden. The coin was made in honour of Western Roman Emperor Valentinian III, who ruled between 425 and 455. The emperor is depicted on one side of the coin, with his foot resting on the head

Roman gold and silver coins discovered in Spain

Gold and silver Roman coins have been found at a copper mining site in Spain. The discovery is of "incalculable value and a milestone in the archeology of this mining area," according to the archeologists from Atalaya Mining, the company running the mine who found it. The discovery was reported by

1,500-year-old golden medallion unearthed in Denmark

A small collection of gold artifacts, including a medallion have been found by a local man and his sons on the Danish island of Lolland. Among the gold discovered was a so-called bracteate, a thin gold medallion worn as jewellery during the Germanic Iron Age. Archaeologists at Museum Lolland-Falster believe that

Gold coin with Nero’s face found in Jerusalem

A rare gold coin featuring the face of Emperor Nero has been found in Jerusalem. The coin dates to around A.D. 60, shortly before the Romans destroyed Jerusalem in A.D. 70, sacking the city and tearing down the Second Temple, an important holy site for Judaism. It was discovered during excavations

6,500-year-old gold bead uncovered in Bulgaria

A tiny gold bead which dates back 6,500 years, possibly making it the world's oldest gold artifact, has been found in Bulgaria. The bead, found at a pre-historic settlement in southern Bulgaria, dates back to 4,500-4,600 B.C., the archaeologists say, making it some 200 years older than jewellery from a Copper

Human remains and coins found at Pompeii shop

The remains of four individuals as well as several gold coins have been found during excavations at a shop on the outskirts of Pompeii. The skeletons are those of young people, including an adolescent girl, who perished in the back of the shop near the ancient Roman town when Mount Vesuvius

Gold Viking crucifix found in Denmark

A Viking-era gold crucifix has been unearthed by a metal detectorist scanning a field in Denmark. Dennis had found a small gold pendant, 4,1 cm in height, in the shape of a man with outstretched arms โ€“ the image of Christ. The figure is made of fine articulated goldthreads and small