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Grave robbers loot Nazi memorabilia

Grave robbers are looting Nazi memorabilia from the graves of soldiers who died on the Eastern Front. Armed Forces charities have expressed fury and frustration at the “deplorable” groups digging up the bodies of German soldiers to feed a multimillion-pound international industry in Nazi relics. The artefacts, ranging from small personal effects

40% of medieval graves were disturbed, and not by robbers

New research has revealed that as much as 40% of medieval graves in Europe have been disturbed, and not always by grave robbers. "I think the grave goods didn't have only material value, I think they had a strong symbolic value that it was part of the identity of the people," she

Grave robber pursuit leads to ancient church

Police chasing after a gang of grave robbers stumbled across an ancient church outside of Jerusalem that may be the final resting place of the prophet Zecariah. The hill-top church was destroyed by an earthquake some 1,300 years ago and lay partly buried until detectives from Israel’s Antiquities Authority, pursuing a

Looters in China bulldoze their way into tombs

Tomb raiders in china used bulldozers to tear into 10 ancient tombs, stealing most of the artifacts they unearthed. The incident came almost a month after the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences claimed a major discovery of the tomb of Cao Cao, a renowned warlord and politician in the 3rd century

Looters dig up land where remains were found

A sheriff in Wisconsin has found several large holes dug by looters on land where ancient remains were recently found. A local sheriff says artifact hunters are illegally digging where ancient human remains were found this summer. Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald says deputies recently found several large holes on county-owned land

Looters attempt to break into 2,000-year-old graves in Albania

Albanin police are hunting for looters who tried to open a series of graves in the ancient Greek city of Apollonia in Albania. The raiders, who remained unidentified and are suspected of being part of regional ring that smuggles artifacts, aimed to plunder a group of 2000-year-old graves, local broadcaster Top-Channel

Charges laid in looting of Four Corners burial sites

A ring of grave robbers have been charged with looting Native American burial sites in the Four Corners area of the US, a region that consists of southwest Colorado, northwest New Mexico, northeast Arizona and southeast Utah. Roughly 250 artifacts estimated to be worth more than $335,000 allegedly were stolen by

Argument among grave robbers sends one to early grave

An argument between two grave robbers in China has led to a murder. The fight was over who has the right to rob an ancient tomb. Ye Guicai, 32, was a member of a gang that robbed a dozen graves. However, he recently learned about an ancient tomb near his house and