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Stolen Ancient Greek statue found in goat pen

An illegally excavated statue which dates back to the sixth century B.C. has been found by police hidden in a goat pen near Athens. Greek police recovered an ancient statue that was illegally excavated and hidden in a goat pen near Athens, and arrested the goat herder and another man who

1,700-year-old Greek curse tablet translated

A 1,700-year-old curse tablet written in ancient Greek has been translated. A fiery ancient curse inscribed on two sides of a thin lead tablet was meant to afflict, not a king or pharaoh, but a simple greengrocer selling fruits and vegetables some 1,700 years ago in the city of Antioch, researchers

2,700-year-old golden skeleton found on Crete

An ancient skeleton, covered in gold foil, has been unearthed from a grave discovered on the Greek island of Crete. Excavator Nicholas Stampolidis said his team discovered more than 3,000 pieces of gold foil in the 7th-century B.C. twin grave near the ancient town of Eleutherna. Cemeteries there have produced

Greek manuscripts put online

The British Library has posted more than 280 volumes of Greek manuscripts online. Browse through the collection here. The manuscripts, freely available online at, are part of what the library calls one of the most important collections outside Greece for the study of more than 2,000 years of Hellenic

Two 2,500-year-old Greek statues seized from farmers

Police in Greece have seized two ancient Greek statues from a pair of farmers who were trying to sell them abroad. "This is a very important find, of fabulous value, and (both statues) were ready to be taken out of Greece," Culture Minister Pavlos Geroulanos said. Archaeologists said Tuesday the

Evidence of ancient austerity found in Macedonian graves

Graves recently excavated in Macedonia show that funeral offerings were dramatically scaled back from gold to clay, probably by Royal decree. The graves in Pydna, a prominent city in the ancient Macedonian kingdom elevated to fame by Alexander the Great, contained gold jewels, elaborate vases and ivory-plated beds in

Giant underwater safe protects $8 million shipwreck

A giant cage has been erected around an ancient Greek shipwreck in Croatia, effectively creating an underwater safe. Little remains of the wooden ship but its cargo of earthenware amphora - ceramic vases - still remain stacked row upon row. The vases, which originally contained olive oil and wine, are still tightly

Greek temple found with assembly instructions

A 6th century B.C. Greek temple-style building has been found in Italy, complete with instructions on how to put it together. Each stone component bears identification symbols showing how they fit together, just like a bed or book case produced by the Swedish low-cost furniture manufacturer. The symbols would have