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Greek statue fragments found in Turkey

Fragments of limestone statues of the Greek gods have been found in southern Turkey. The limestone sculpture, broken into two parts and missing a head, was discovered in the Anavarza Antique City of the Kozan district. It is believed to date back to the third or fourth century B.C. The discovery confirms

Ancient naval bases found in Athens’ Piraeus Harbour

Researchers working in Greece have mapped the remains of ancient naval bases in Piraeus, the harbour city of Athens. “We have identified, for the first time, the 5th century BC naval bases of Piraeus – the ship-sheds, the slipways and the harbor fortifications," Bjørn Lovén, director of the Zea Harbor Project,

2,000-year-old Greek settlement found in Ukraine

A fortified Greek settlement which dates back 2,000 years has been found along the Dnieper River in Ukraine. Archaeologists determined that the settlement was probably founded in the 2nd century BC. Researchers also discovered the exact outline of its fortifications - defensive walls and ditches. In addition to defensive functions, the

Ancient Greek inscription found in Bulgaria

A Greek inscription dating back to the 1st-century A.D. has been found at the ancient spa resort of Aquae Calidae, in Bulgaria. An ancient inscription providing valuable information about the history of Ancient Thrace in its last years before its conquest by the Roman Empire has been discovered by the archaeologists

Excavation of Antikythera shipwreck to continue

Excavation of the 2,085-year-old Antikythera shipwreck will continue for another 5 years. The ship, which likely sank between 70 B.C. and 60 B.C. as it trekked west from Asia Minor to Rome, holds plenty of treasure: During the first phase of the project "Return to Antikythera," which ended in October 2014,

Ancient poems found on Greek papyrus

Two previously known poems written by the Greek poetess Sappho in the 7th century B.C. have been discovered, written on 2nd-3rd century A.D. papyrus. One of the two recovered poems speaks of a Charaxos and a Larichos, the names assigned by ancient Greeks to two of Sappho’s brothers, though never before

Portable grills used to cook at ancient Greek picnics

New cooking experiments suggest that ancient Greeks used portable grills to cook souvlaki and non-stick pans to make bread. The souvlaki trays were rectangular ceramic pans that sat underneath skewers of meat. Scientists weren't sure whether these trays would have been placed directly over a fire, catching fat drippings from the

Were the Terracotta Warriors inspired by Ancient Greek art?

A professor from the University of London believes that Greek Art was the inspiration for China's famous Terracotta Warriors. Nickel's evidence includes newly translated ancient records that tell a fantastic tale of giant statues that "appeared" in the far west, inspiring the first emperor of China to duplicate them in front