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Lost Darwin fossils found in forgotten cabinet

A treasure trove of fossils collected by Charles Darwin on the HMS Beagle have been found in a forgotten cabinet by a British researcher. The slides — "stunning works of art," according to Falcon-Lang — contain bits of fossil wood and plants ground into thin sheets and affixed to glass in

Darwin’s great-great-granddaughter recreates historic voyage

The great-great-granddaughter of Charles Darwin has set sail from Devon in an attempt to recreate her forebearer's historic voyage on the HMS Beagle. Darwin's original five-year voyage of discovery on HMS Beagle began in 1831 from Plymouth Sound. Biologist and botanist Sarah Darwin, 44, will retrace her forefather's footsteps. "We're going in his

Decorated whale’s tooth from HMS Beagle up for auction

A whale's tooth decorated by a marine on the HMS Beagle during Charles Darwin's expedition is set to fetch over $80,000 at auction. The scrimshaw, a piece of work created by a whaler, depicts two images of HM Sloop Beagle, one when she was at sea and the other when she

Journal from the HMS Beagle sells for nearly £100,000

A journal from the HMS Beagle, the ship that scientist Charles Darwin voyaged on, has sold for close to £100,000 at auction. The ship was the vessel that Darwin used during some of his most important journeys that helped him form his ideas on evolution. The journal was kept by a commanding