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Nailing down the publication date of Homer’s “Iliad”

Scientists have been working to determine the publication date of Homer's "Illiad" using the same technique employed to decode the genetic history of humans by tracking how genes mutate. "Languages behave just extraordinarily like genes," Pagel said. "It is directly analogous. We tried to document the regularities in linguistic evolution and

Palace of Odysseus found on Ithaca island

Archaeologists in Greece has found the ruins of a three-level palace which they say matches the description of Odysseus' palace in Homer's Odyssey. Greek archaeologists have claimed they have found the palace of Odysseus during excavations on the Ithaca island in the Ionian Sea. On Tuesday, the archaeologist, Thanasis Papadopulos,

Remains found of suspected Trojan war-era couple

Archaeologists in the ancient city of Troy have found the remains of a man and woman who are believed to have died in 1,200 B.C. If the dating is correct, this places them at the time of the legendary war chronicled by Homer. The discovery could add to evidence that Troy's