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Luxury Roman neighbourhood discovered in southern France

A Roman neighbourhood of luxury homes and public buildings has been found on the banks of the Rhone River in France. A “little Pompeii” is how French archaeologists are describing an entire ancient Roman neighbourhood uncovered on the outskirts of the southeastern city of Vienne, featuring remarkably preserved remains of luxury

Bronze Age house found in Slovakia

A 3,000-year-old dwelling has been found in central Slovakia. Archaeologist Roman Hron?iak supposed to find settlement holes, but the real discovery surprised him. The discovery of the dwelling is significant not only for Detva but for whole region, according to the archaeologist. Until now, only holes were found in Detva but it

Roman town houses uncovered in English city park

The foundations of three Roman buildings have been found in a city park in England through the use of ground-penetrating radar. Scans showing two large town houses the size of Chichester’s Pallant House Gallery – most likely lived in by members of the aristocracy – and a third building, of great

6th century B.C. home found in Rome

A house dating back to the 6th century B.C. has been unearthed in Rome, near Quirinal Hill. The sixth-century BC abode had a rectangular layout most likely divided into two rooms, on a tufa stone base and with an entrance possibly preceded by a portico opening onto one of the long

Prehistoric village found in Guam

A prehistoric village made up of 15 homes has been discovered near Ritidian Point in Guam. The ancient site of at least 15 latte homes — limestone and coral pillars — is located close to the Ritidian shoreline. There also were stones lined in front of the pillars that used to be

Medieval dwellings found in Rome’s Colosseum

Excavations in the Colosseum in Rome have led to the discovery of late Medieval dwellings. Archaeologists from Roma Tre University and students from the American University of Rome unearthed evidence showing that ordinary Romans lived within the Colosseum from the ninth century until at least 1349, when the building was seriously

Volunteers rebuild Neolithic Stonehenge homes

Volunteers have banded together to re-create the "bright and airy" homes of those who built Stonehenge. The "bright and airy" Neolithic homes are closely based on archaeological remains of houses, discovered just over a mile away from Stonehenge. Dated to about the same time as the large sarsen stones were being erected,

Traces of colonial St. Louis unearthed

Evidence of a French colonial home has been found beneath layers of concrete and bricks in St. Louis. Meyer and his team have found the first evidence of where a French colonial home once stood. The darker, trench-like formation in an approximate 25 by 30 foot hole shows where a series