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4,600-year-old burial found in Ontario, Canada

A burial site dating back 4,600 years has been found in Northern Ontario, Canada, on the shore of Big Trout Lake. A 4,600-year-old burial has been discovered in a remote corner of northern Canada – and could hold the key to how ancient Canadians lived. The remarkable find has

Four ancient egyptian wells discovered

Archaeologists in Egypt have found four ancient wells that were part of a newly-discovered Sacred Lake in a temple to the Egyptian goddess Mut. Two of them have circular shapes with a 210-220 cm diameter, while the other two are square. They are believed to have been used by the people for daily

Medieval shipwreck found in German lake

A 600-year-old shipwreck has been fuond in Germany's Lake Constance. A ice skater reported the shallow wreck off the lake’s Reichenau Island in the winter of 2006 and subsequent dives and carbon testing by archaeologists revealed it was from the 14th century. “We believe it could be the oldest shipwreck ever found

Ancient sacred lake unearthed in Tanis, Egypt

Archaeologists have discovered the site of a pharaonic-era sacred lake in a temple to the Egyptian goddess Mut. The ministry said the lake, found 12 meters below ground at the San al-Hagar archaeological site in Egypt's eastern Nile Delta, was 15 meters long and 12 meters wide and built out of

Map of Lake Champlain bottom reveals 300 historic shipwrecks

The bottom of Lake Champlain has been mapped by underwater sonar, revealing a slew of treasures, from historic shipwrecks to airplanes and railroad cars. With the mapping project now concluded, Cohn says the urgent mission now is development of a permanent lake management plan that ensures the nearly 300 shipwrecks are

Viking ship discovered at bottom of Sweden’s largest lake

Marine archaeologists in Sweden have discovered what may be the wreck of a Viking ship lying at the bottom Lake Vänern. One of the ship's ribs was discovered protruding from the bottom of the lake, while the rest of the boat was filled with a one metre-thick layer of sediment. A wood