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Aussie mining companies circumvent preservation laws

Mining companies in Australia are damaging Aboriginal sites by dodging Queensland Aboriginal cultural heritage laws. The allegation follows claims a Queensland coal seam gas company has destroyed ancient Aboriginal stone arrangements at Kogan, near Dalby. Indigenous academic Dr Jillian Marsh told AAP laws aimed at protecting indigenous sacred sites are generally tokenistic

Egypt to create special police force to protect artifacts

Zahi Hawass announced yesterday that Egyptian authorities will be creating a special police force to protect archaeological sites and artifacts. Egypt's minister of antiquities says a special police force will be set up to protect archaeological sites and museums around the country, following a wave of vandalism and looting. Zahi Hawass told

350-year-old witch trial diary put online

A 17th century notebook containing details about the trials of convicted witches in England has been published online. Click here to read it. The notebook written by Nehemiah Wallington, an English Puritan, recounts the fate of women accused of having relationships with the devil at a time when England was embroiled

Burying old bones may bury UK history

Archaeologists in Britain are protesting a law which requires ancient human remains to be reburied after two years of study. They claim that it does not give them enough time to research the bones. Many archaeologists believe secrets about ancient tribes and early humans in Britain could be lost to science

Who owns Michelangelo’s David?

A storm is brewing as the City of Florence and the Italian government fight over who owns Michelangelo's David, one of the world's most famous statues. The ministry's lawyers recently concluded that according to documents they found in archives, David belongs to Italy, not the city of Florence. The government

Armenian church sues Getty Museum over Bible pages

An Armenian church in Californa is suing the Getty Museum over seven pages from a 13th century Bible which the church says the museum bought illegally. The Western Prelacy claims that the seven pages, which date back to 1256, were ripped from the Armenian Orthodox Church's Zeyt'un Gospels during the

Lost Roman law code discovered in London

Part of an ancient Roman Law code, thought to be lost forever, has been discovered after reasearchers pieced together 17 fragments of previously incomprehensible parchment. Corcoran and Salway found that the text belonged to the Codex Gregorianus, or Gregorian Code, a collection of laws by emperors from Hadrian (AD 117-138) to

Brothers charged with excavating American WWII bomber without permit

A pair of brothers from Alberta, Canada, have been charged with excavating the remains of a B-26 Marauder, at the bottom of a lake in the Yukon Territory, without a permit. Now, the warbird's fate is up in the air, again, caught in a power struggle between the brothers who say