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18th century Burmese letter made of gold deciphered

An 18th century Burmese letter, written in gold and rubies, has been deciphered in Germany. The 'golden letter', written by Burmese King Alaungphaya in the year 1756 to England's King George II, lay in the vaults of Hanover's Leibniz library for 250 years, as nobody could read its contents. The letter, which

Letter written by John Quincy Adams found

A letter written by the United State's sixth president, John Quincy Adams, has been found in a box in a Massachusetts city hall's basement. The letter, dated Sept. 8, 1826, outlines the burial wishes of his father, John Adams, the nation's second president. It was recently discovered by a city

Letter from Thomas Jefferson found

A couple looking through old historic photographs in Virgina stumbled across a personal letter written by Thomas Jefferson to his friend, the poet and diplomat Joel Barlow. In a drawer, Bennett, 34, spotted a paper that looked very old and unusual. She pulled out her iPhone and tapped away, frantically searching

Another reason why Vincent van Gogh cut off his ear

According to one scholar, Vincent van Gogh may have cut off his ear after learning that his brother, Theo, was about to get married. Martin Bailey, who has written a book on van Gogh and curated two exhibitions of his work, devised his theory after meticulous detective work on a letter

George Washington letter sells for $3.2 million

A letter written by George Washington which praises the new Constitution has been sold at auction for $3.2 million. The four-page letter in Washington's slanting penmanship was written to his nephew Bushrod Washington in November 1787, according to Christie's, the company that auctioned it. It was in the possession of an unidentified

English led expedition to North America in 1499

A led from Henry VII may be evidence of a previously unknown expedition to North America. Dr Evan Jones, a historian at Bristol University, has discovered that a Bristol merchant, William Weston, undertook a voyage to the 'New Found Land' in 1499 just two years after Venetian explorer John Cabot 'discovered'

200 years later, a cryptic coded message to Thomas Jefferson is solved

For more than 200 years a mysterious coded message from Robert Patterson to President Jefferson was undeciphered...until now. After about a week of working on the puzzle, the numerical key to Mr. Patterson's cipher emerged -- 13, 34, 57, 65, 22, 78, 49. Using that digital key, he was able to