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4,000-year-old burial mounds destroyed by looters in Denmark

Police are investigating the damage done to four ancient burials sites in Denmark that date back 4,000 years. Lars Bjarke Christensen, an archaeologist from the Culture Ministry, is gutted over the theft and the loss of Danish history. ”It's a disaster. The grave robbers have ruined part of Denmark's history,” Christensen told

Looters dynamite ancient Turkish tomb

Looters in Turkey have blown up an ancient tomb found in the archaeological site of Olba. A 12,000-year-old tomb made of rock in the southern province of Mersin’s Silifke district has been blown up with dynamite by treasure hunters. The assistant head of Olba archaeological excavations, Murat Özy?ld?rm said during a visit

1,500 looted artifacts recovered by Egyptian police

Police in Egypt have recovered than 1,500 ancient artifacts from a house in Cairo. The antiquities seized during a raid on a house in Zawiyat Abu Musallem, a Cairo suburb, on Monday included ancient statues, amulets and limestone false doors of the type commonly built in ancient Egyptian tombs as a

Video footage shows illegal tunnels in Egypt

The Egyptian police have released video footage that shows several illegal tunnels dug by looters in search of Egyptian treasures. Since the revolution in Egypt, large holes have been appearing in the ground close to places of archaeological significance, such as the Great Pyramids at Giza. As the BBC's Aleem Maqbool discovered,

Greek looters receive life sentences

Two men convicted of dealing in ancient treasures, which were illegally excavated from a cemetery in northern Greece, have each received life sentences in jail. The court in the northern city of Thessaloniki jailed two more men for 20 and 16 years, respectively, after finding them guilty of digging up and

110 artifacts recovered from looters in Egypt

110 looted Egyptian artifacts have been confiscated from three people apprehended in Giza. Minister of State for Antiquities Mohamed Ibrahim revealed on Monday that 70 out of the more than 110 objects found were authenticated, including:A collection of 17 late pharaonic period amulets, depicting the lioness goddess of joy and blessings,

Roman statues recovered in Spain

Two first century bronze statues about to be sold on the black market have been recovered by police in Jaen, Spain. The Roman figures, valued at six million euros each, were taken from the ancient Roman site of Sacilis Marcialis and are believed to form part of the Castor and Polix

Stolen Ancient Greek statue found in goat pen

An illegally excavated statue which dates back to the sixth century B.C. has been found by police hidden in a goat pen near Athens. Greek police recovered an ancient statue that was illegally excavated and hidden in a goat pen near Athens, and arrested the goat herder and another man who