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Boxes of artifacts misplaced during WWII found again

A trove of ancient artifacts which were misplaced during WWII have been found again and now have a new home in the Bode Museum in Berlin. Dozens of mostly Egyptian objects from the 4th to 7th centuries AD which had been missing since the end of World War II have been

Lost village of Luxvbalis found in British Columbia

The ancient village of Luxvbalis, which was abandoned after a smallpox epidemic in the late 1800s, may have been found during a routine excavation of a shell midden along the coast of British Columbia, Canada. "Shell middens are the result of people discarding food remains, building structures, tools, decorative items, and

Historic papers lost from British National Archives

1,600 folders full of historical documents spanning British history have gone missing from the British National Archives. Among the 1,600 folders of documents reported missing since 2005 are letters from Sir Winston Churchill to General Franco, the Spanish dictator; minutes of Harold Wilson's meetings with the Queen; and documents from the

The lost cities of the Amazon

Back in the 16th century Spanish explorers reported finding gleaming white cities in Amazonia, which are prompting investigations into locating the lost cities of the Amazon. NPR has posted a 5 minute audio segment featuring interviews with those who are searching. FORERO: There are detractors, of course, who say the new

Lost 2,000-year-old Peruvian skull turns up in Spain

A 2,000-year-old skull from Peru which came to Seville, Spain 80 years ago as part of an exhibition before going missing has been found again. Eight decades after being brought to Spain, the skull, which apparently is that of a male around age 30, arrived at the University of Seville thanks

Scrap of paper found with traces of lost language

A 17th century scrap of paper may contain traces of a lost South American language. “It’s a little piece of paper with a big story to tell,” says Dr. Jeffrey Quilter, who has conducted investigations in Peru for more than three decades, and is director of the archaeological project at

Seven books lost to history that would have changed the world, purveyor of interesting and funny lists, has compiled one entitled "7 Books We Lost to History That Would Have Changed the World". What I wouldn't give to get my hands on any one of them. #2 Ab urbe condita libri, by Livy It detailed the entire history of Rome from its

Six more lost and found airplanes

As a follow up to this post from a few days ago, Mental_Floss has posted about six more lost and found airplanes. 5. The Maid of Harlech On on September 27, 1942 Second Lieutenant Robert F. Elliott was piloting his US P-38 Lightning fighter plane on a training mission in Britain when