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11,000-year-old Mammoth tooth found on Michigan golf course

An 11,000-year-old tooth belonging to a woolly mammoth has been found on a golf course in Michigan by a grounds crew worker. "I would have tossed it in a rock pile," says Charlie Riley, 58, who's also the club pro. But Walker had seen a plaster cast of a mammoth tooth

The oldest artwork in the Western Hemisphere

The editor of National Geographic magazine has posted a blog entry discussing the cautious excitement surrounding the mammoth etching announce last month, which, if genuine, could be the oldest artwork in the Western Hemisphere. Let's hope, hope, hope it is true—mammoth art in North America just like what they have in

Ancient bone found with etching of mastodon

In what is being hailed as a spectacularly rare find, a bone has been found in Florida, etched with a clear image of a walking mammoth. According to leading experts from the University of Florida, the remarkable find demonstrates with new and startling certainty that humans coexisted with prehistoric animals more

Million-year-old mammoth skeleton uncovered in Serbia

The skeleton of a mammoth that is believed to be about one million years old has been unearthed in eastern Serbia. The skeleton was found 27 meters (89 feet) below ground, he said. The mammoth was more than 4 meters (13 feet) high, 5 meters (16 feet) long and weighed more

Mammoths Roasted in Prehistoric Kitchen Pit

Roasted mammoth was being served in the Czech Republic in 29,000 B.C. in prehistoric kitchen pits. Svoboda, a professor at the University of Brno and director of its Institute of Archaeology, and colleagues recently excavated Pavlov VI, where they found the remains of a female mammoth and one mammoth calf near

The baby mammoth who went back to the deep freeze to stop her thawing out

Remember that amazing perfectly preserved baby mammoth that was found frozen in 2007? Apparently it started to thaw out. The solution? Carry it back out into the snow. Although her woolly coat and toenails have disintegrated, her skin and internal organs are intact. There were even traces of her mother's milk in