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Medieval village found in Denmark.

Traces of medieval farm buildings have been found in eastern Denmark. Traces of three courtyards surrounded by a ditch marks out an area, which archaeologists have interpreted as the centre of a village dating back to the Middle Ages in Tollerup, East Denmark. Historical sources suggest that the farms belonged to the

Medieval village found in Denmark

Traces of a small medeival village have been found in central Jutland. The land had changed hands numerous times throughout its history, from private farmland to royal ownership to once being the backyard of Admiral Jens Rodsteen. The abandonment of the village in the late 1600s wasn’t uncommon for the time, according

14th-century abbey wall unearthed in England

A medieval abbey wall has been unearthed in the West Midlands of England. The well-preserved section of wall, which is more than 650 years-old, was discovered by archaeologist Jamie Wilkins from Worcestershire Archive & Archaeology Service in March whilst construction work was being carried out. Abbot William de Chyryton ordered the wall

Medieval sword recovered from peat bog

A medieval sword has been recovered from a peat bog in Poland. Completely preserved medieval sword from the 14th century has been discovered at a peat bog near Hrubieszów. The finder donated the artefact to the local Fr. Stanis?aw Staszic Museum. "This is a unique find in the region" - said