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$1.5 million coin hoard found by metal detecting club

A metal detecting club has found a hoard of Anglo-Saxon coins worth more than $1.5 million. Pete, 56, said: "They're like mirrors, no scratching, and buried really carefully in a lead container, deep down. "It looks like only two people have handled these coins. The person who made them and the person

Hoard of Roman coins unearthed in England

An amateur metal detectorist has uncovered one of the largest hoards of coins found in Britain. Laurence Egerton, 51, a semi-retired builder from East Devon, discovered two ancient coins “the size of a thumbnail” buried near the surface of a field with his metal detector in November last year. After digging deeper,

Metal detectorist finds Iron Age helmet

A metal detector enthusiast has uncovered a rare Iron Age bronze helmet on some farmland near Canterbury in England. "The owner of this helmet, or the people who placed it in the grave, may have lived through the very beginning of the story of Roman Britain." Dr Steven Willis, senior lecturer in