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Buddhist monastery found in India

Structures resembling a Buddhist monastery have been found in the ancient city of Vadnagar in India. “The latest excavation revealed structures resembling monastic cells. However, only further excavation at the site would help establish whether the structures were part of a monastery or were secular in nature,” Superintending Archaeologist of ASI

Byzantine monastery found in Israel

The remains of a walled compound which may have been used as a monastery has been found west of Jerusalem. Zilberbod said that although they found no unequivocal evidence of religious worship -- such as a church or an inscription -- the compound holds typical features of Byzantine monasteries. "The impressive construction

17th century water system found at 12th century monastery

A water system dating back to the 17th century has been found at the Swiety Krzyz monastery in Poland. An extensive water collection, the oldest parts of which date back to the 17th century, uncovered archaeologists in the close of the monastery on the Holy Cross Mountain. According to scientists, the

Monastery discovered beneath 18th century Thai King’s tomb

The remains of a monastery have been found beneath the tom of King Uthumphon in Mandalay, Myanmar. Mickey Heart, a historian who leads the excavation team, said the foundations show the monastery building was about 18 meters wide, while the monastery compound was about five acres. “We still can’t say exactly which

Taxila monastery is 300 years older than previously thought

New carbon dating tests performed on charcoal found at the only Buddhist monastery in the Taxila Valley, Pakistan, has revealed that it was built 300 years earlier than previously thought. Khan said pieces of charcoal found at the monastery were analysed in the US at the University of Wisonsin using carbon

Byzantine monks were unable to resist temptation

Despite the fact that they were only supposed to subsist off of foods such as bread, water and the occasional fruits and vegetables, an analysis performed on the remains of 6th century monks who lived in Jerusalem has found that many of the monks ate a lot of animal proteins. The

7th century Christian monastery uncovered in Scotland

What is believed to be a Christian monastery from the 7th century has been uncovered on the Scottish island of Eigg. An archaeological dig on a Scottish island has unearthed the remains of what is thought to be a monastery founded by one of the country’s first Christian saints. St Donnan brought

Airport expansion in Iraq uncovers 1,700-year-old church

The remains of a 1,700-year-old monastery have been uncovered during an airport expansion project in Najaf, Iraq. A hundred meters (yards) or so from taxiing airliners, Iraqi archaeologist Ali al-Fatli is showing a visitor around the delicately carved remains of a church that may date back some 1,700 years to early