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Ancient Turkish Monument Discovered in Mongolia

Ancient Turkish Monument

Ancient Turkish Monument Discovered in Mongolia OSAKA, JAPAN—In eastern Mongolia, archaeologists led by Takashi Osawa of Osaka University have uncovered a mid-eighth-century tomb surrounded by 14 stone pillars, according to a report in the International Business Times. Turkic runes inscribed on the pillars indicate the deceased was a viceroy and high-ranking

5,000-year-old stone monument identified in Israel

A crescent-shaped stone monument that dates back 5,000 years has been identified in Israel. Located about 8 miles (13 kilometers) northwest of the Sea of Galilee, the structure is massive — its volume is about 14,000 cubic meters (almost 500,000 cubic feet) and it has a length of about 150 meters

Pre-Viking monument found in Sweden

Archaeologists working in Sweden have uncovered two rows of wooden pillars which date back to the fifth century. Archaeologist Lena Beronius-Jorpeland said the colonnades were likely from the 5th century but their purpose is unclear. She called it Sweden’s largest Iron Age construction and said the geometrical structure is unique. “It is

Cattle damage Bronze Age monument

A herd of grazing cattle have been rubbing up against a Bronze Age monument named Mên-an-Tol in West Cornwall, damaging the landmark in the process. Ian McNeil Cooke, of the Save Penwith Moors action group, said: "On one of my recent, regular walks from my studio about half a mile away, I

Albania to lease ancient monuments to businesses

The government of Albania is set to lease it's ancient monuments to private businesses due to a lack of funds needed to preserve them. Bace says detailed plans for the use of these monuments will determine which parts of them are suitable for commercial activities and which parts should not be

Ancient theatre masks unearthed in Turkey

20 masks worn by actors and a family monument have been found during excavations carried out in the ancient city of Myra, Turkey. The excavations of the site are being carried out by Akdeniz University's Archeology Department under the supervision of Professor Nevzat Çevik, from the same department. Çevik told the

Arizona petroglyphs damaged by obscene graffiti

Ancient petroglyphs at the Agua Fria National Monument in Arizona have been damaged by vandals. "It would actually take some climbing on cliffs to get to where these petroglyphs are," he said. Authorities believe the vandals visited the site at least twice between July and November.The bureau is offering a

Marden Henge: The builder’s yard for Stonehenge

Evidence found at Marden Henge hints it may have been the builder's yard for Stonehenge. If it wasn't a village, or a temple, or a farm, or a cemetery, what was Marden for? Leary suspects the answer may be emerging in stone working tools, and flakes of sarsen, turning up