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“The Ten Commandments” Sphinx recovered in California

The body of a giant Sphinx built for the 1923 movie "The Ten Commandments" has been removed from the sand in Guadalupe, California. The film crew originally built the sphinxes' body parts in Los Angeles, and transported them about 165 miles (266 kilometers) to Guadalupe, where they assembled them into giant,

Restored: The first film shot in colour

Film archivists from the Science Museum in London have revived the earliest known film segments to be shot in colour. The obscure film segments were long considered failed prototypes, blurry flickers of color seen by no more than a handful of people before being consigned to an archive. But the National

Earliest Charles Dickens film discovered

The oldest surviving film featuring a Charles Dickens characters has been discovered by a British Film Institute curator. The film, which is just one minute long, depicts Joe dying in the freezing snow against a churchyard wall. As he falls to the ground a local watchman tries to help him and cradles

How the Library of Congress preserves film

Creative COW has posted a fascinating article on how the Library of Congress is working to preserve film for thousands of years into the future. But copying old films to new stocks is not as simple as it sounds. There are many factors that can impact your ability to be

Warner Bros. blooper reel from 1936

I thought this was a charming video. It is a Warner Bros. blooper reel from 1936 and feature such screen greats as Humphrey Bogart, Joe E. Brown, James Cagney, Bette Davis, Kay Francis, Leslie Howard, Paul Lukas, Barton MacLane, Fredric March, Paul Muni, Pat O'Brien, Claude Rains, Edward G.

Colour 3D film of Queen Elizbeth’s Coronation to be broadcast

The 50-year-old footage is thought to be the first in the world to be filmed in colour 3D. It was found by the son of Arthur Wooster who was one of the two cameramen behind the pioneering film who went on to work on nine James Bond films. Mr Wooster, 80, and

Lost Chaplin film sold on eBay for $5.68

A lost film featuring comic genius Charlie Chaplin has been found on eBay for $5.68. Morace Park, who lives in Essex, England, bought the battered olive green film canister listed as "an old film" for £3.20, and found the title Charlie Chaplin in Zepped inside. His neighbour, John Dyer, former head of