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Mummy poop solves 700-year-old murder mystery

Analysis of fecal matter found in the natural mummy of Cangrande della Scala, a medieval warlord from Italy, has revealed that the nobleman was poisoned. “Although it is not possible to rule out totally an accidental intoxication, the most likely hypothesis is that of a deliberate administration of a lethal amount

Medieval Scottish murder victim unearthed

The remains of a 900-year-old murder victim found in East Lothian, Scotland has been unearthed and examined. Analysis revealed he was fatally stabbed four times in the back, twice in the left shoulder and in the ribs. The archaeologists said he was over the age of 20. They said his build was slightly

Ancient remains of five slaughtered people found in Sweden

The remains of five individuals who died violent deaths have been found in a ring fort on the Swedish island of Öland. Five bodies already have been unearthed amid the ruins of one of the settlement's houses on the island of Öland, just off the Swedish coast. In a news release,

Colonial America’s oldest murder solved

Archaeologists have solved the murder mystery surrounding JR102C, one of Jamestown's first settlers, who was found with a lead bullet in his leg. Now, 17 years later, the forensic archaeologists at Jamestown may have identified the victim and, therefore, the perpetrator of the crime. Recent evidence, Kelso says, points to a

Remains of 600-year-old murder victim found in Northern Ireland

The unusual way a woman was buried 600 years ago in Northern Ireland is suggesting to some archaeologists that she may have been murdered. "This person wasn't laid out on their back in an east-west direction, which is normal for a Christian burial," excavation director Dr Nora Bermingham explained. "The body seems

King Ramesses III was murdered

A forensic analysis carried out on the mummy of King Ramesses III has revealed that the pharaoh had his throat slit. The first CT scans to examine the king's mummy reveal a cut to the neck deep enough to be fatal. The secret has been hidden for centuries by the bandages covering

Iron Age head found in bog belonged to murder victim

The nearly 2,000-year-old head of a man found in a bog in 1958 has undergone a CAT scan, revealing some grizzly details about his death. Bryan Sitch, curator of archaeology at Manchester Museum, said it now appeared the man was bludgeoned over the head, garrotted then beheaded. He said: "The radiology staff

Remains found of man shot in the head by an arrow

The skeleton of a man shot in the head by an iron arrowhead has been found in a shallow grave in Ireland. Excavation indicated that the burial was in a shallow grave and the body, which was that of an adult male aged between 17 and 25. The body was lying