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Letters by Ulysses S. Grant found

A collection of hand-written letters by Ulysses S. Grant has been found in a museum in Illinois. As museum director for the Stephenson County Historical Society in Freeport, one of Finch's duties is keeping track of all the artifacts and information received at the museum. While exploring a fireproof

Avenue of Sphinxes undergoing excavation

The Avenure of Sphinxes in Luxor, Egypt, it undergoing excavation and restoration in order to turn it into part of an open-air museum. Built by the 30th Dynasty king Nectanebo I (380-362 BC), the avenue is 2,700 meters long and 76 meters wide, and lined with a number of statues in

Urban legends about the Smithsonian

The Smithsonian website has posted a great article in which they dispel some  of the urban legends surrounding the institution. Myth #4: The Smithsonian discovered Egyptian ruins in the Grand Canyon. Fact: It didn’t. Backstory: On April 5, 1909, the Arizona Gazette ran the following headline: “Explorations in Grand Canyon; Mysteries of Immense

Ancient city in Iran to be converted into site-specific museum

An ancient city was discovered about four years ago during a construction project in Hamedan Province, Iran, is going to be converted into a site-specific museum. Several halls and 25 rooms dug to a depth of four meters have been discovered at the excavated area. Several corridors connect the rooms to

Old outhouses a window into 19th century Sacramento

Archaeologists who dug up and researched objects thrown away in old downtown Sacramento outhouses have now handed the artifacts to a museum. Where a huge state building now stands, the archaeologists found the stuff of everyday life: bottles, buttons, combs, spittoons, chamber pots and all kinds of animal bones. "Some would say