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3D-printer used to make replica of Iron Age instrument

A researcher has recreated a replica of an Iron Age instrument using a 3D-printer. Billy Ó Foghlú, from ANU College of Asia-Pacific, has found evidence that the artefact may have been a mouthpiece from an iron-age horn and not a spearbutt as previously thought. When Mr Ó Foghlú used the replica artefact

5,000-year-old seal is oldest musical image in Israel

The impression made by a 5,000-year-old seal is the oldest known musical image found in Israel. Archaeologists now believe the scene shows the musical part of a ritual dating back 5,000 years, of the "sacred marriage" between the Mesopotamian king and a goddess, whose role would have been played by a

9,000-year-old flutes found in China

Three 9,000-year-old flutes have been found in a tomb at the Jiahu archaeological site in central China. Three flutes made from bird bones found in an tomb in central China are evidence remote ancestors played music long before they could write, archaeologists say. Made of bones of red-crowned cranes, the flutes were

2,000-year-old drum found in Vietnam

A bronze Dong Son drum, dating back 2,000 years, has been uncovered at a road construction site in northern Vietnam. The latest drum was found in Pac Nam District. It is about 39cm in height with a fairly intact tympan (upper part). The tympan is 66.5cm in diameter, emblazoned with a

Ancient Gallic trumpet-like instrument rebuilt

Researchers have reassembled an ancient carnyx, a trumpet-like instrument that was decorated with an animals head. The Greek historian Polybius (206-126BC) was so impressed by the clamour of the Gallic army and the sound of the carnyx, he observed that, "there were countless trumpeters and horn blowers and since the whole

Archaeologists examine Johnny Rotten’s graffiti

Archaeologists have been examining graffiti drawn by Sex Pistols frontman Johnny Rotten on the walls of a flat they rented in London in the mid-1970s. Dr John Schofield, of the Department of Archaeology at the University of York, and independent researcher Dr Paul Graves-Brown, suggest that the intact Sex Pistols graffiti

Mozart sheet music found in charity shop

A first edition piece of music written by an 8-year-old Mozart has been found in a charity shop in England. Elestr Lee, a musician, quickly spotted the printed composer's name at the bottom - Wolfgang Mozart. She researched the inscription on the front, which was in French and dedicated to Queen Charlotte,

Audio recording of Tutankhamun’s trumpets

Recently looted from the Cairo Museum during the recent uprising was one of Tutankhamun's trumpets, found in his tomb when it was opened in 1922. In 1939 they were played for a BBC radio recording, which you can listen to here. For more than 3,000 years they had lain, muted, in